General FAQ

Is my data safe with FrameLink?

Yes it is. We understand that data is one of the most valuable assets of your company. Besides daily backups, allowing to reposition your application at any day on the past, we make all data available to you at anytime in spreadsheet format.

Do I have to update FrameLink on my mobile devices?

No. FrameLink was created from the ground-up to be easily adaptable to change. As soon as any change is done in the desktop (Mac, Windows or other) FrameLink is automatically available to be used in your IOS or Android devices. You no not need to go to App store or Google Play to update your FrameLink Mobile App after a design update. All you need is to create a bookmark to FrameLink site (after START NOW) and you are ready to support all design updates without any change in all your mobile devices. FrameLink is a mobile Internet-enabled app that are accessible via the mobile device's web browser.

Can I use FrameLink with my local language?

Yes you can. FrameLink is 100% customizable and independent of any language. When you change a table name or a field, eventually translating to another language FrameLink changes it everywhere - no need to translate that item again. Designers (those defining or customizing the app) will see design information in English, but end users will see the application in the language choose by designers (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai or any other language).

Can I access several FrameLink apps after login?

Yes you can. On the left side of any dashboard you have a pulldown with all FrameLink applications that you can access. You can be the owner of one or several applications and be a user of applications created by others that granted you access. FrameLink vision supports a network of different teams working together on unique projects from any location. You are one click away of the projects you work with. Check FrameLink overview to know more about our vision.

Can I collect information from my site into a FrameLink App?

Yes you can. To collect information from your site (Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace or custom built) all you need is to connect to your site - placing a single line of code in the spot where you want the form to appear (we will be glad to do it for you) - and collected information will flow directly into FrameLink. You can define the automatic message your users will receive upon submitting their form. You can define extra messages to people you want to notify. As soon as the connection with your site is done, any further form customization is done inside FrameLink. No need to edit your site again. Our FrameLink one minute video begins by showing one example of such an integration.

Do you have a quick Framelink Demo?

Yes, we have. Please check our one minute video demo. If you want a personalized demo please contact us to schedule a presentation for you.

Can I send Emails with FrameLink?

Yes, you can. With FrameLink you can personalize all you Email communications. This is done with templates that support smart-tags for easy personalization of all your Emails. You do not need to send individual emails anymore. please, check Guide to Framelink - Send Emails & SMSs.

What are the differences between FrameLink and Airtable?

The User Experience

Airtable follows closely the spreadsheet paradigm while Framelink follows the Professional App paradigm.

Like a spreadsheet, Airtable navigation is based on tabs that give access to different lists (tables). Framelink navigation is based on relationships. Depending of the content you see, you are one click away from where you want to go.


To send Email or SMSs with Airtable, you need Zapier or Integromat. Framelink is ready to use Email or SMS as soon as you have at least one Email or Phone number defined.


When complexity increases Airtable faces the same problem that users have with spreadsheets. FrameLink organizes your App by modules each one with a set of cards that may have Graphics, table accesses, summary info. Users only see what is relevant to their activity, reducing usage complexity.

In organizations, Airtable focus is to solve small problems - lack of integration is the main complaint of Airtable users. FrameLink lets you solve different problems inside your organization without increasing App complexity or compromising ease of use. Typically you only need one app for your whole organization.

In Summary

Airtable is more consumer oriented while FrameLink is more business oriented.

Do I have templates for different businesses?


Incubation Center - We have a template based on some well-known incubation centers (ex: 'StartUp Lisboa' and 'Casa do Impacto') that are already using FrameLink to manage their operations. This initial template receives candidate submissions on the incubation web site, streamlines the admission processes, the organization of meetings between mentors and Startup founders, media coverage, payments and investments per Startup. For each entity such as StartUp, Founder, Mentor, Meeting and others, Framelink shows a fully 360 degree view of all related entities.